President = Sarah Palin
Vise President = Ted Nugent
Speaker of the House = The easter bunny
Secretary of State = The tooth fairly
Secretary of the Treasury = BOBO the clown
Secretary of death panels = Mayor McCheese, Liz Cu*t Cheney
Secretary of Defense/War monger = Dead eye Dick Cheney
Attorney General = Archie Bunker
Secretary of the Interior = Bilbo Baggins
Secretary of Education = Jerry Mahoney
Secretary of right wing wackos = Rush Limbaugh/Glenn Beck
Secretary of assholes = Bill O'Reilly , I'm #1, I'm #1
Secretary of idiot's = Michele Bachmann - Laura Ingraham
Secretary of Homeland Security = Todd (first dude) Palin

The Palin Doctrine

Lend a hand, posted 9.24.2007    palin is a idiot

How this hockey mom bimbo got even close to the white house should keep Americans up at night.


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1. Talking about the book on Oprah, Palin said there was no family vote on the vice presidency.
She told Sean Hannity in 2008 that she had held a vote.

2. Palin misrepresents the timeline of her daughter's pregnancy,
saying she was surprised the McCain campaign knew about it when she'd already told vetters..
3. Palin points the finger at McCain aides for her $150,000 shopping spree.
. No one who was in the campaign backs her version of events.

4.In the book, Palin blames the McCain campaign staff for botching he.
r public appearances and not letting her speak freely. In an email, she blamed herself and thanked them for their hard work..

5. Palin writes that the McCain campaign made her pay for her own vetting..
A campaign official said that it is "one hundred percent untrue."

6.Palin falsely suggests she doesn't support aerial hunting. In fact, Palin supports.
the practice and introduced a bill in 2007 to "simplify and clarify Alaska's intensive management law... for the state's 'same day airborne hunting' law.".

7. Palin writes that she "liked the idea" of going on Saturday Night Live "from the beginning." Emails show she was actually reluctant to do so.

8. Palin says she made frugality a point when traveling on state business as Alaska governor. .
But she and daughter Bristol stayed four nights at a $707.29-per-night New York hotel in 2007, and Palin billed the state more than $20,000 for her children's travel.
9. Palin falsely claimed that the McCain campaign ignored Obama's "close relationship".
with ACORN. In fact, John McCain brought up ACORN repeatedly in a debate, and his campaign mentioned it frequently in conference calls. .

10. Palin says she found out only minutes before McCain's concession speech .
that she would not be allowed to speak. In fact, she had been told so several times..
11. Palin claims that campaign manager Steve Schmidt called her screaming over a prank .
call from someone pretending to the French President. A McCain aide says there was no phone call..

12. Palin says her team overseeing a natural gas pipeline set up an open,
competitive bidding process. An AP investigation found they crafted terms that favored only a few companies and ultimately benefited one with ties to her administration..

13. Palin says a "Democrat lawmaker" complained that she was less "sparkly" after the 2008 election; it was actually a Republican..
14.Palin says Ronald Reagan faced an even worse recession and.
"showed us how to get out of one. If you want real job growth, cut capital gains taxes and slay the death tax once and for all." The AP points out that Reagan didn't get rid of the estate tax, and capital gains taxes were higher then. Economists overwhelmingly say the current recession is far worse..

15. Palin claims poor will be hit hardest by cap-and-trade legislation and takes a quote from.
President Obama out of context. A CBO report found that the poor would actually benefit..

16. Palin boasts that she ran her campaign for governor on small donations and turned back large checks over conflicts of interest. In fact, she relied heavily on large donations and political action committees and took $1,000 each from a couple whose offices were raided by the FBI..

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